Dear friends! 

Welcome to the site of the Institute of Fundamental Science!

The idea behind this institute is to create a center for research in basic sciences in Moscow, which is at the forefront of the newest and, what is more important, the most profound achievements of modern science. We plan to constantly attract the best Russian scientists, both those based in Russia and those who work abroad. This does not mean that we will work only with the scientists of Russian origin, or only with prominent scientists. Science is international, and it ceases developing without a constant influx of young blood.

Therefore, our main goal is to create a center that, firstly, will be a forum for discussing the most substantial advances in fundamental sciences, and, secondly, will create a medium for the reproduction and formation of young scientists with an advanced scientific culture.

Modern fundamental sciences are converging in their objects of study. However, there is an obvious chasm caused by historical differences in scientific culture. This includes many issues starting from the style of publications and ending with stereotypes of social behavior.

We hope to establish contacts between various sciences and to erase barriers that hinder interaction between different disciplines.

Our motto is the scientific expertise instead of verbiage and pseudoscience.

We will operate with the minimum of bureaucracy and maximum of scientific content.

I hope for the support of our endeavors by those who are not indifferent to these ideas.

Alexey Bondal